american marine training centers

american marine training centers 

Complete Your Captain's License                           In One Week

All of our prices reflect everything you need to take the course.

american marine training centers

american marine training centers 



     American Marine Training Centers, L.L.C. are United States Coast Guard approved training facilities located in Port Hadlock, Washington and Alameda, California.  AMTC specializes in lower-level deck licenses including Master, not more than 100 Tons and OUPV (Six-Pack).  We offer many other courses that are listed on our COURSES page.  We are continually adding new courses.

    AMTC is one of the few mariner training facilities in the country who are authorized to give separate "Inland Only" or "Inland, Great Lakes, and Near Coastal" exams.  At AMTC, if you only qualify for the Inland Master or Inland OUPV License, you only have to test for that license; which means shorter, less complicated exams for you.

    Our format is simple, a complete captain's license course in one week.  We typically start on a Saturday and our courses continue on consecutive days until we are done.  That means you are finished with the course and exams in one week!

    There are no hidden fees;  everything you need to complete the course is included in the price.

     In all of our courses the student will test at our location, using our U.S. Coast Guard Approved exams.  This relieves the student of having to test at the Coast Guard’s Regional Exam Center.  In addition, we will assist you with preparing and electronically submitting your paperwork to the Coast Guard.  We will work with you every step of the way in getting your license.

     We have state-of-the-art, permanent training facilities that offer dedicated learning environments.  We supply all of the materials needed for the courses so that the student can concentrate on learning.  We ask that the students show up for the courses with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

     AMTC instructors not only have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the material, they have also worked in the Maritime Industry.  Each of our instructors have twenty years or more of experience.  All of our instructors have prior teaching experience in the Coast Guard or the Maritime Industry.  We also keep our student-to-instructor ratio to not more than 6:1 for all plotting exercises.

     Whether you wish to run a small charter fishing boat (six-pack) or a large dinner cruise ship, if you are serious about getting your Captain's license, American Marine Training Centers, L.L.C. is the right place for you.  At AMTC our goal is to produce the finest trained, licensed captains on the water.  If you are interested in obtaining your Captain's license or if you have any questions CONTACT US today!



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