american marine training centers

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers 

american marine training centers



See what our students/graduates have to say about us:      

"I'm going to start this testimonial by saying if you are on the fence between taking an online course or this class from Ron and Yvette, TAKE THE CLASS!  Ron and Yvette are a dynamic duo.  Between them they have years of experience and it comes out when they are teaching you.  Ron is a very thorough instructor and he is concerned that you don't just know the curriculum but understand it as well.  The class moves fast so buckle up.  Ron comes in with a game plan and it wise to listen to him.  The instructions cover all aspects of Maritime procedures and rules needed for your license.  From "Rules of the Road" to chart plotting and even etiquette, it's all covered in this class.  Ron will walk you through the application process with help from Yvette, the operations manager.  I would not have liked dealing with the USCG without their instructions on how to cross every "T" and dot every "I".  The USCG has no wiggle room whatsoever, nor do they have a sense of humor.  The two of them have done this for years and it shows.  They also offer the classes needed for Towing and Sailing endorsements added to the license and I suggest adding those to your curriculum since you will already be there.  I opted out of the First aid and CPR classes taught by Yvette and wished I wouldn't have.  The online CPR courses don't count towards your license.  Do yourself a favor and submerge yourself in studies in the time it takes to pass the course.  I would like to thank Ron and Yvette for all their help.  When the time comes to advance my license I will definitely return to AMTC for their help.  Now, my only regret, between the endless supply of chips and soda pop, I gained 3 unwanted pounds.  Do yourself a favor, if you are interested in getting your Maritime license, TAKE THIS CLASS, you won't regret it."

~ Sincerely, Capt. Terry Hawkins

"P.S. Thank you Ron for the chart magnifier, I use it almost daily."


"Coming from a military background with over 20 years of boating experience, I knew nothing about the commercial boating requirements and certification process.  Wanting to start a small business on Maui using my boat within the OUPV program, I contacted American Marine Training Centers and spoke with Yvette.  She spent 45 minutes over the phone making sure every question I asked was answered and ensuring I understood the certification process completely, rather than just trying to sell me a seat in the class.  She also informed me that since Im a Post 9/11 veteran, that upon VA approval I would be able to use my education benefits for tuition.  Having used my VA benefits in the past, I know first hand the selection process for schools to be approved for veterans is lengthy and rigorous, ensuring only the best schools obtain certification.  How could I say no?

On the first day of class, I was instantly greeted with a handshake and a smile as Ron and I began to get to know each other.  I was impressed to find the facilities and training environment were new, very clean and conducive to learning.  Throughout the course it became very apparent that Ron and Yvette are not only experts in the Maritime and first aid field, but are extremely gifted instructors.  The course material was very thorough and left me feeling extremely prepared to take each exam.  Ron also spent the time to go over our license packet for the Coast Guard line for line, ensuring that all questions were answered and making the certification process stress free!

As I look back to my time with American Marine Training Center, I cannot imagine a school with more caring instructors who set their students up for success more than Ron and Yvette.  I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, hospitality and most of all the dedication you have to see every student succeed in your course.  From start to finish, my expectations were exceeded in every way!

Thank you Ron and Yvette!!!"

~ Bradley Blucher - Maui Pelagic Adventures, Hawaii


"AMTCís program was organized in an efficient and easy to understand way.  Its instructors did a great job in making the course as least stressful as possible, as well as providing all the materials necessary to complete the course.  Highly recommended to anyone looking to get their license."

~ Markliam Sappington - Yakutat Charter Boat Company, Yakutat, Alaska


"In the late 1980ís I was working for an outfitter in Alaska and the OUPV was not required.  I wanted to obtain my OUPV as it seemed that the industry would soon require the license as a precursor to employment.  Therefore, I decided that I would take up a self-study program because I could study around the job/family I had when in the lower 48.  After several months of not making any headway with my studies I dropped the idea of obtaining my OUPV.

I have regretted not pursuing my OUPV and in 2019 I made the decision to find a program that could help me achieve my goal.  I researched programs in the Western United States.  I spoke to several OUPV license holders and I read every testimonial I could find.  It became clear that a class program would be my best option.  I was looking for small classes with instructors who were vested in their students not filling seats.  My research concluded that I had one choice, American Marine Training Centers, LLC in Sequim, Washington.

The individuals who had completed the OUPV course with American Marine Training Centers, LLC spoke highly of the program.  Class size, specific program topics and personal attention were keys in my decision.  While success is not guaranteed, attention to detail and proven training techniques drive results.

I was impressed with the professionalism in the initial communications which I received from Ron and Yvette.  I received course material and a study guide timely as well as expectations for their course.  Directions were clear and concise.  Prior to the course I received additional information regarding the option to obtain additional licenses including a Masterís license.  Ron and Yvette present additional options to ensure that their students have the opportunity to achieve the appropriate license(s) to reach their personal goals without having to return for additional training.

My first impression of Ron and Yvette at the American Marine Training Centers, LLC met my expectations.  Ron and Yvette are personable and professional.  Class expectations are communicated with the expectations of the instructors and students clearly outlined.  Class time is scheduled to ensure that each section is mastered before moving on.  During the plotting exercise I learned that I had been using an inferior method to plot a course.  It took some additional study time on my part and Ronís patient approach to have me comfortable with the correct process.

I took the 10-day Mastersí course and cannot say enough about the program.  If you are interested in a quality program there is one choice, American Marine Training Centers, LLC in Sequim, Washington.

Thank you, Ron and Yvette, for all that you put into an exceptional program that works."

~ Nick Frank


"My name is Darren Lang.  I'm 55 year old and live in Minnesota.  My passion is Duck Hunting.  I own and operate DNA Guide Service with my wife, Amy.  Beyond duck hunting in the Midwestern Prairie Pothole Region, we also take Clients out to the East & West Coasts to hunt Sea Ducks.

How I ended up at American Marine Training Centers was that I was stopped by the State DNR offices off the Coast of Maine not so long ago and was told that I needed a "Captain's License" in addition to my Maine Guide License, if I took passengers for hire on my boat.  I was then notified by the Coast Guard 2 months later that I would be fined $38,175.00 if I was to take people for hire without a Captain's License.

Upon Internet searches, then calling and talking to several different businesses in addition to the Coast Guard, I came across American Marine Training Centers, LLC in Sequim, Washington.  I reached out to Ron a couple of times by phone.  He explained to me about what the requirements were to get a specific Captain's License.  Ron was the most honest and knowledgeable person I had talked to up until this time on the subject of acquiring a Captain's License.  He informed me about the different kinds of Captain's Licenses and told me the "6 pack" or "OUPV License" would work best for me.

I then signed up for the class.  Within a short time, I was sent a confirmation of the class, times, dates, lodging, location, and the one most useful tip: A lot of pre-class studying will make your experience much less stressful.  I was sent information to study and memorize ahead of time. And by the way, that really DID help that I followed that tip to study BEFORE taking the class!

The class itself was very well organized from layout to teaching.  Ron not only is very knowledgeable about the material, he has spent a lifetime in the trenches having life experiences that were shared with us.  Ron shows and directs the students about life situations, and also proper paperwork details from charting courses, to life jackets, to fog signals.  Ron is totally up to date on all one needs to know.

The classroom was very clean.  I loved the class size (9 for my group that had signed up).  That size gave anyone additional time with Ron for help.

Ron and Yvette were true professionals in all aspects of the course, from simple humor to the actual testing.  They have a great resource to share with anyone looking to acquire a Captain's License.

I would be more than happy to talk or answer any questions concerning my experience with American Marine Training Centers, LLC.  Please feel free to call me.  320.221.1342"

Thanks again, Ron & Yvette!

~ Darren Lang - DNA Guide Service, 320.221.1342,

american marine training centers


"I totally enjoyed taking the 100 ton master course.  I was very hesitant at first because of my age of seventy-seven and not having been in a classroom for long days in sixty years.  But, after having sailed for forty years I wanted to have something tangible to show for all that time.

The classroom was set up perfectly.  It was bright and comfortable.  The desks were large enough to hold a full-sized chart.  Allowing only nine students at a time gave us for plenty of space and individual attention. Ron, our teacher, started the day by making us very comfortable.  He has the real life experience and background to teach confidently and competently and focus on the important aspects one needs to know.  Yvette was great as our first aid teacher and was very thorough in making sure we did everything correctly.

I completely enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to others."

~ Rudy Heessels - Sequim, Washington


"After hearing a variety of testimonials from individuals who took a Mariner course, either online or in person, I was anxious to see what kind of experience I would have with Yvette and Ron's course.  I HIGHLY recommend their course to anyone interested in obtaining a OUPV or Master's License.  The location near Sequim is a hidden gem; the facility is professional yet comfortable.  Ron's approach to teaching the course is perfect; he is very direct in teaching the course material but he also provides videos and stories that apply the content in a real scenario.  This approach made the 10 days fly by...yet there was never a test that I didn't feel fully prepared for.  Even with no previous charting experience, Ron got me up to speed!  To top it off, Ron and Yvette are genuinely interested in your career as a mariner and take the time to discuss any questions you have in regards to your plans."

~ Ian Peppel - Montana


"We absolutely enjoyed everything about our visit to Sequim.  Thank you so much for making it fun and simple.  I canít imagine going anywhere else, and passing...what a nightmare.  I thoroughly admired the initiative from both Ron and Yvette in not only preparing us to pass the course but helping with additional paperwork and documents that need to be completed in order to receive the Captain's license, and additional paperwork, thatís just good to know and have.  My husband and I wouldnít have been able to do it without the help of these 2 wonderful people.  Overall it was a wonderful experience and it will forever change our lives.

Thank you so much for your program!"

~ Letizia & Jesse Bierman - Island Transport, Juneau, Alaska (907) 500-5188


"I wanted to take a minute and write a long overdue testimonial for a classy operation Ron and his wonderful wife Yvette run.  This was my second attempt at earning my near coastal master's license.  Chart plotting hung me up last time (25 years ago!) and I've been petrified of it since.

I'm here to say that the way Ron not only teaches chart plotting, but every subject will put you at ease in an environment that is not only professional, it's very comfortable.  He actually breaks the monotony of the courses down into a fun, easy to follow way.

It's been about 11 months since I attended class, I recently had questions for Ron and Yvette about my paperwork.  Not only were they quick to answer my questions, they even let me send them my paperwork for review before submitting it to the Coast Guard.  That went way beyond anything I would've ever expected.  My only regret is waiting so long to write this testimonial for them.

If you're thinking about getting your OUPV or Master's license, quit thinking about it and just do it.  It will open doors for you just like it's done for me."

~ Brandon Hatch - Colville, Washington


"Recreational sailing has been a great joy of mine for more than twenty years.  Over the last two decades, sailing has evolved into a very important part of my life.  By no stretch of the imagination is sailing my full-time occupation, but it has provided me with some of my most valuable, and fulfilling work experience.  From s/v deliveries across the Atlantic, cruising the Pacific coastline, to nearly-frozen limbs while retrieving a boat from the Baltic Sea, my time on the ocean has been wide ranging.

Throughout my time at sea, I have felt that I lacked some of the fundamentals that others who have had more "conventional" training, and "steady" (yes, the pun is intended) maritime employment might have acquired.  American Marine Training Center made it possible for me to refine some of what I already knew, learn about new aspects of the maritime industry, and become proficient in some aspects of navigation, all while earning my Master License.  While being incredibly informative, professional and effective, the class was also extremely enjoyable.  Ron is an encyclopedia when it comes to the curriculum.  Yvette is accommodating and always willing to assist students both during, and after the course.  Fellow students also contributed greatly to the learning experience.  Each of them offering their own unique stories, humor, and anecdotal wisdom.  The entire class was sound, and courteous.  Another nice aspect of American Marine Training Center is the facility.  It is well lit, clean, comfortable, and provides all of the necessities to make ten days of learning both productive, and pleasant.

If your aim is to improve your technical knowledge about boating, broaden your understanding of the maritime industry, and earn a License in an environment conducive to doing so, I would wholeheartedly recommend American Marine Training Center."

~ Edwin


"I first heard of AMTC and Ron from a friend in Elfin Cove, Alaska.  I was nervous about starting the course because I know of many of my friends and co-workers who have gone through a captainís course through someone other than Ron.  I was nervous by hearing how they struggled and had a very difficult time in their course.  But after now completing the Master's course, I know for certain no one should ever be stressed about the test if you are in Ron's course.

There is no reason to go to another course because Ron and Yvette are as close to a one-stop-shop for your captainís license as it gets.  They are so polite and welcoming into their classroom, which is such a perfect learning environment with many funny educational videos, as well as visual aids to help the learning process.  The instruction was wonderful in the fact that Ron really does a good job preparing you for the test as well as giving you the tools to prepare yourself for the tests and the water.

There is no reason to go to a different course, Ron and Yvette are amazing, welcoming and wonderful.  You will be satisfied and happy if you take their course as long as you do what they say and study and listen in class."

~ Hayden Meier - Captain at Tanaku Lodge, Elfin Cove, Alaska

american marine training centers


"Growing up in Westport WA I started working on charter boats when I was 11.  I got my first license, 50 ton, when I was 19.  After a few years and a growing family, we left Westport and I took a full-time job in Seattle.  I used my license a few times over the next few years but that was it.  By the time I stopped running boats I had my 100 Ton Master license.

After about close to 24 years later I really wanted my license back and start using it again.  I had kind of given up until I met Ron and Yvette at the Sportsman Show a couple of years ago.  They seemed very knowledgeable and encouraging so when the time was right, I signed up for the class not really knowing what to expect.

They sent out some information and some things to memorize a few weeks before the class started.  I did some studying at home on my own before the class to refamiliarize myself with charts and rules of the road.

When I got to the class, I was pretty excited to see that they only take 8 or 9 per class.  It was a great setting.  Ron made everyone feel at ease with his good-humored style and extremely knowledgeable hold on the material we were about to start studying.

Ron is super focused on preparing you for each test you need to take.  You still must study, you still need to be serious about what you're doing, but Ron helps take the edge off with his humor and his confidence in how he presents the material.

It was worth every minute of time.  One of the best decisions I made was to get hooked up with American Marine Training Centers, LLC.

Every person I know that is wanting to find a school to help get their Captain's license is going to get the same answer.  Call Ron or Yvette at American Marine Training Centers, LLC."

~ Larry Higley


"I never thought I could enjoy a class as much as this.  The 10 days were done before you could blink.  The class day was never boring, always learning and at a comfortable pace.  We were always ready for testing, Ron covered the course in detail.  The location, classroom were ideal, comfortable and great desk for plotting.  If you are thinking of getting you six pack or 100 ton, this is the place to go.  You won't regret it."

~ Patrick Furey - Alaskan Legend Yacht Charters


"This class was fun! There are so many positive things to say about it but that is the main thing that stuck with me.  I have started this testimonial with so many different compliments, statements, or even a positive quote.  The word 'Fun' is what stood out to me. I enjoyed learning all the material that was provided, I looked forward to the drive to "school", and when it was over it had been the fastest ten days I have ever spent in a classroom.  I was sad it was over!

I am a female trying to find my footing in the massive amazing Nautical World.  I have been a deckhand in Alaska fishing for massive Halibut, swinging hooks and fish blood all over my Grundens.  On the other hand I have been a stewardess working in the Bahamas on a 150 foot yacht in the ritziest of company you can imagine.  The world of boating is massive, diverse and predominately ruled by dudes.  A girl can sometimes feel a little pushed out of this world.  I was nervous about the class and expected to be the only girl in the classroom of dudes.  Well, turns out I was BUT I didn't feel like it.

From the moment I stepped in the door Ron made me feel like one of the guys.  We even had a lot in common to share about adventures in Alaska.  He is a teacher that actually cares about you learning the material, absorbing it and utilizing it in your future.  He wants you to succeed!  Ron answers questions 2, even three times if the same knuckle head didn't grasp the answer the first two times.

There is so much more that is shared in this classroom than the basics of the material in the workbooks.  Ron provides real life scenarios that he has witnessed and lived.  His wife Yvette is equally as brilliant as him.  This is the dream team that will help you in your journey in the Nautical World.

Months after the class I asked Ron for some help on the documents I was sending off to the Coast Guard for my Captains License.  He took the time to go through with red marker and corrected all the mistakes.

I walked away from this classroom with friends, more knowledge than I had hoped for and a firmer grasp on my path through the Nautical World.  I know you will too!  So many thanks to you Ron and Yvette!"

~ Stormi Garvey - Tampa, Florida


"Wow where to begin?  Since I live in southern Utah, I knew I would need to travel some distance to attend a class to help prepare myself for the exam to obtain my OUPV credentials.  I looked everywhere, Southern California, east coast and many other states.  I finally settled on American Marine Training Centers, LLC, Sequim WA.  The best decision I could have made.  The class was small and Ron made every day very interesting.  I was very concerned about plotting and working with charts as I had zero experience with such a thing.  Ron helped me to understand this so well it was my favorite part of the course.  He is a great instructor.  Time flew by.  I really enjoyed the location in the country, with adequate time for lunch and breaks there was never any pressure.  Ron has such an extensive knowledge of this industry including real life experiences, I really doubt that I could have had a better experience.  Yvette was also amazing with teaching first aid and CPR.  I was thrilled to be able to take care of both of those while at my class.  Another thing that was extremely helpful was the time given to help fill out forms CORRECTLY.  Even after I returned home Ron was more than willing to take my calls personally and answer any questions I had.  I know that he took a personal interest in me succeeding.  My credentials were approved and I am now ready to work.  Thanks Ron!

Bottom line is I would highly recommend Ron with American Marine Training Centers, LLC.  He gets 5 stars from me."

~ Bob Reed - Up Lake Adventures & Mary's Cheesecakes - St. George, Utah, 209-535-6597,

american marine training centers


"I selected American Marine Training Center because I met Ron and Yvette at the Seattle Boat Show at the beginning of 2018.  The two of them explained the requirements for the course and licensing in a simple manner and I decided to eventually move forward with the course.  I enjoyed the small class atmosphere and the coverage of the material.  Ron explained the material in a way that was easy to understand and related it to real life experiences.  The facility was comfortable and in a beautiful location near Sequim Washington.  Once you are in Sequim, the facility is easy to access and it is very simple to get back-and-forth.  Basically, no traffic!  I would recommend AMTC to anyone who is unfamiliar with the process of US Coast Guard licensing and the required exams."

~ Eric Becker - Seattle, Washington


"AMTC is great at what they do.  I would absolutely recommend anyone looking to get a USCG license to go see Ron and Yvette.  Both Ron and his wife Yvette are very helpful from before the class starts to after the class ends.  Ron obviously has many real-life experiences making the class as stress-free as possible.  If you study the study guides and pay attention during class and do the assigned homework you will have no problem passing this class.  The classes are small, for example my class had a total of 7 students, giving Ron plenty of time for one-on-one interactions.  Ron uses all sorts of teaching aids making the class easy to follow and understand.  AMTC is a one-stop-shop they take care of everything right there.  For me, the most difficult part was getting the application together and complete.  Ron made this process very simple with an organized packet that broke it down step-by-step.  After my packet was complete I sent it to Ron and he looked it over, making some changes and helping me fill in the blank spots.  Ron did this for me well after my course was complete and within one day of me sending it."

~ Nick Tingstad - Construction Manager/Fab Shop Foreman, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders - Freeland, Washington, 360-331-5500,

american marine training centers


"I was a self taught sailor and navigator who wanted to get my Master's license after returning from an extended offshore cruise.  The focused 10 day approach offered by the AMTC seemed perfect for me and I was not disappointed.  Ron and Yvette offered a comprehensive course offering so I was also able to take a First Aid/CPR/AED course and to sit for towing and sailing endorsement exams while there.  The Master's license course was well-organized, professional and complete to the point of helping to fill out license paperwork that seemed overwhelming, and witnessing the Merchant Mariner's oath.  The classroom was modern, bright and outfitted with great audiovisual aids, full sized charting tables and charting tools.  The pace was focused and intense but friendly and supportive.  I have no reservations about recommending the American Marine Training Centers USCG license courses."

~ Leslie Linkkila, USCG 50 Ton Near Coastal Master


"American Marine Training Centers is one of the best schools I have attended.  Ron and Yvette were extremely helpful and professional both during the enrollment process as well as during the courses.  They would never have you enroll for a class that would not benefit you.  Some of the best things about the school are the small class sizes and the licensing application packet that you get because it helps alot with actually understanding everything you need to do for submitting your application for NMC.  As far as the coursework it is very much to the point and the interesting things are done first while the dry topics are sprinkled throughout which helps keep you engaged.  I would certainly recommend this school to anyone interested."

~ Sebastian Bryant


"Greetings, This is Blake Bunnell with Blake's Guide Service.  Last month I attended the American Marine Training Center in Sequim, Washington, to attempt to get my United States Coast Guard OUPV license.  Being a fishing and hunting guide for over 31 years and having a restricted OUPV license, it was time to get the now mandatory OUPV license.

My experience with Captain Ron and his wife Yvette was absolutely awesome.  They run a top-notch service with a very understanding and comfortable classroom setting nestled in the foothills of Sequim, Washington.  At the age of 60 years young I was very skeptical about attending this class because face it, I have not been in class for over 40 years.

The first day in class when I saw Captain Ron take his shoes off and spend the rest of the week in the classroom with no shoes on showed me the comfortability of his teaching.  Ron went out of his way to help and coach and make sure you understand with his awesome classroom teaching ethics.  I had no problem getting through the class and was very comfortable and enjoyed every minute of it.  The fun videos he shows in between the lectures and nuts and bolts of the class really helps ease the mind and keeps you comfortable through the course.

If you are looking to get your Master's or OUPV license, then this is the class you need to attend.  The hotel I stayed at in Sequim, Washington was very comfortable and very economical.  If you've been contemplating getting your necessary Coast Guard credentials, then give them a call.  You can do this just as well as I did.

Thanks again, Ron and Yvette."

~ Blake Bunnell - Owner, Blake's Guide Service - Cottonwood, California

american marine training centers


"I chose AMTC because of their small class size and also the location on the Olympic Peninsula, I felt like I would not receive quality training in one of the bigger schools large class size.  Ron was great with keeping the class fun as well as learning and making sure everyone understood the material before moving on and took the time to give extra one on one help if needed.  All books and charting tools where provided including nice big drafting tables to work on!  Yvette was great with the CPR/AED/first aid class.  Yvette is also a notary so she is able to give the merchant mariner oath right there at the training center.  Ron and Yvette have done a great job setting up this program, the class room is set up very nicely.  Besides the clean comfortable modern classroom they even provided a coffee cup and coffee was always on, also snacks and water.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork to be sent in to the coast guard, Ron eases this process with an organized notebook with all of the items that need to get sent in and walks you through all of the steps.

I highly recommend AMTC for anyone thinking about getting their license."

~ Zac Haddow - Alaska


"I chose American Marine Training because it offered a single non-stop week of immersion in the OUPV Captains License course which for me at least is the best way to get things done.  I liked the offsite location where I would be free to focus on the course for a week without the hinderance of day to day and then of course being able to complete the course and USCG exams in the same time frame.

Not only does the instruction prepare you for the exams, but thereís also a lot of good practical experienced training thrown into the mix by AMTC that has value beyond the requirements for the USCG.  For me personally they helped cement my basic knowledge and set me on a path to become a professional mariner.

The training location tucked under the Olympic foothills on the Washington Peninsula were stunning, a great room layout with all you could need for charting and navigation which was the first part of the week.  Nice small classes so you have plenty of guidance when you need it and all nicely informal but very professional.

The team here put you to work, lots of practice and training and then plenty of work at the end of the day to immerse you and prep you for the USCG exams.  Having not been ďat schoolĒ in quite some time, I was concerned about how my brain would handle this, and even doing some reading before attending the course on things like navigation lights and symbols, I was a bit anxious.  But by the end of that week all those fears were long gone and I had no issues getting through the various tests because thatís what AMTC do very well Ė prepare you and guide you and mentor you into a place where all those complex things become quite straightforward.  This is a great team, great location and a great course Ė you would be hard pressed to find anything better in North America."

~ Nick Vicars-Harris - California


"A very well run class designed to teach as much practical knowledge and application as possible while still complying with Coast Guard requirements.  If you have extensive knowledge and experience before taking the class, you won't be bored or annoyed.  If you are just starting out and don't have much experience or seatime, you will learn a lot of useful knowledge.  DO take this class if you want to get your license.  You will pass if you try."

~ Matt Arata - Pacific Boat Brokers, 360-622-9422, & A-1 Marine Services:  Dock construction/repair, barge freight, diving, salvage, general towing in San Juan Islands. 360-472-0717


"Attending American Marine Training Center was an excellent experience for me.  I am an active duty Chief Boatswain Mate in the Coast Guard nearing retirement.  AMTCís training, class room environment and instructors are second to none!  Ron and Yvette operate extremely professional yet candid and easily comprehended classes for any experience level a student may have.  They assisted with preparing my package for submittal and are also a notary.  AMTC is an awesome one stop shop for your MMC needs.  I plan to continue attending classes at their exceptional facility as I transition into the commercial maritime industry.  Furthermore, I have and will recommend AMTC seminars to all my fellow shipmates and friends.  Thanks Ron and Yvette for everything."

~ BMC McLeod Hutchin - 1LT of USCGC Anthony Petit - Ketchikan, Alaska


"I chose AMTC for my Masters Captains 100 ton license largely based on reviews.  I could not have been happier with my decision.  Captain Ron Straub runs a top-notch training center and knows the program details like the back of his hand!  From real work experience and applicable anecdotes to simplifying the understanding of the program, he works with each student as individually, as necessary.  Additionally, the program includes ALL materials.  Most other schools have you pay either more for the program or nickel and dime you for the charting tools, materials and books.

Another major plus of this program was the personal touch put into directing students to what they need and more, not less.  Ron busts myths of what and when someone should go for the six pack vs masters licenses.  Rather than focusing on the additional money he could be drawing from students he appreciates the studentsí time and needs and helps to get them the most for their time and dollar.  (As an example I left with not only my certification for my MC100 ton but my Towing Assistance Endorsement as well!).

Once class is over there is still plenty of work to do.  AMTC walked us through the entire application process for obtaining the licenses we earned and put together a very clear and helpful binder for that process alone.  Further, Yvette issues your oath and is a notary, so you wonít have to go find one before filing your paperwork!

Yvette does a great job with the administrative pieces of the program and between the two you will be in great hands!  I have already recommended AMTC to others looking to get or renew their licenses.  Not only do I have a license to show for my time, studying and results from being at AMTC, I feel I have friends and colleagues in both Yvette and Ron.  Donít hesitate!  Take advantage of the intentionally small class sizes and get your license today!"

~ Michelle Jezycki - Lake Tahoe, Nevada


"As a lifelong Alaskan, I have spent countless hours on the water.  I have taken USCG courses before and I was thoroughly impressed with Ron and Yvette's course structure.  Ron takes a very stress-free but meticulous approach to teaching this class which I really enjoyed.  His methods allow for easy comprehension of the material while providing real world examples to identify with.  I would highly recommend this course for anybody from a seasoned seaman to a novice boater because you will learn the ins and outs of navigating a boat as it pertains to the coast guard regulations, which we sometimes seem to forget as boaters.  Yvette also provided excellent instruction for First Aid/CPR, and was thoroughly organized and helpful throughout the duration of this course.  I will bring this knowledge with me wherever my boating adventures take me, and for that I thank you!"

~ Luke Erickson - Deckhand (soon to be captain), Eagle Charters/Cross Sound Lodge - Elfin Cove, Alaska


"American Marine Training Center is top notch!  After operating a boat and kayak rental for the last 4 years, it seemed like an obvious move to expand into Charter Tours.  This posed the problem of finding licensing training that fit into busy schedules.  Fortunately - our area has a few to pick from and the need to travel is eliminated.  Let me say - for this class - I definitely would have traveled.  It was absolutely worth it.  Not only is the class designed for success - with comprehensive coverage of material in an intensive focus - ideal for those needing to fit the instruction into a shorter time period - but it follows an instruction, practice, testing method that encourages retention and overall understanding of material.  Personally - Ron's often candid teaching style lends itself to real life application and conversation that feels like friends talking about common interests, rather than stuffy, formal, book driven education.  A major plus is the classroom, with all the materials, tools, technology and comfort you could hope for. It's a one stop shop - which makes it amazingly easy.  Yvette's First Aid/CPR/AED training is spot on, fulfilling that requirement if necessary - but she's also a notary, so your paperwork is done right there.  They make it so easy.  I would recommend AMTC to anyone.  It was almost a disappointment when the class was over and we had to leave.  Thanks Ron and Yvette for a great place and great instruction."

~ Lavon Gomes - Sunset Marine Resort, GoXpeditions & Salty Girls Seafood - Sequim, Washington


"Heading into a Master's training course initially felt a bit intimidating.  The commitment to an intensive course paired with the required testing seemed daunting - until the first conversation with Ron.  Immediately - his candor and easiness - turned that apprehension into eagerness.  Once I walked into that amazing classroom - I couldn't wait to get started.  The large desks, the flat screen tv's, the charting tools - everything you could think of - was there and ready.  The organization of the course is highly professional and covers not only instruction on necessary material for testing - but how to fill out paperwork, when to do it, in what order to do it, and where to turn it in.  If you need First Aid/CPR/AED training - Yvette does an excellent job - plus, as a notary - there's no need to have to take paperwork somewhere else at the end.  It's all done in house.  A major plus!  I can't stress enough - how great the whole course is - from the easy teaching style of Ron's - which felt personal and interesting - (compared to book driven and dry) - to the professional classroom facility - to even the small details - like walking in to find coffee on and a coffee mug sitting on each work desk.  A+ all the way.  I enjoyed the course so much - I was actually sad when it was over.  Fortunately - residing in Sequim already, I am happy to now call both Yvette and Ron friends as well.  I would recommend this course to anyone - especially those who may need to travel for instruction.  Thanks for a great course and great experience.  I'll take it with me out on the Charter Tours here at John Wayne Marina.  Don't hesitate - take this course!"

~ Tracie Millett - Sunset Marine Resort, GoXpeditions & Salty Girls Seafood - Sequim, Washington


"After many years on the water and several years looking to obtain my USCG Master license I decided to pursue preparing for the Exam.  I live in the Midwest and found an online option and subscribed.  Without the traditional class structure I let the subscription lapse.  One year down.  I continued to look for solutions that would allow for onsite training and found mostly classes that met once or twice a week for several months.  Of course, not in my area.  I found American Marine Training Centers online and liked their full time schedule.

I emailed with several questions relating to my specific needs and experience and received a reply immediately.  These replies were friendly and complete answers.  This was another big selling point.  It showed me that Ron was engaged with his students.

The series of emails also confirmed what a value this class was.  A fraction of what others were charging.

My schedule allowed for me to commit to the late September class, I found a reasonable AirBNB and booked airfare.

After arriving, the facility was "professional", clean and very comfortable.  Lots of room and as stated in his emails EVERYTHING provided.  The materials were very well organized.  Ron has a relaxed style of teaching, yet very thorough.

I will be recommending this course to many of my sailing and SCUBA buddies or anyone that asks.

This was a long time goal for me and thrilled that it went so smooth!"

~ Pat Barton - President, Barton Visions - Council Bluffs, Iowa


"I was preparing to attend a different facility for a marine training program.  This other facility was located in a highly populated city.  The thought of commuting, lodging, and dealing with city life was stressing me out.  A friend of mine mentioned attending American Marine Training Centers located in Sequim.  It was a blessing to me - not only was I able to surround myself in an incredibly beautiful, clean, and healthy environment while training, but I also received top-notch, professional training!  Ron and his wife provide, in my opinion, the best training facility I have ever seen.  Not only that, but Sequim is located in the rain shadow with less annual rainfall than anywhere else in western Washington.  My experience at training was actually enjoyable and not stressful, like it would have been for me in a large city.  I highly recommend American Marine Training Centers to anyone interested in obtaining marine training and credentials!"

~ Todd Guedon - Aquatic Harvest, Inc.


"In February, 2017, I attended the Coast Guard class put on by Ron in Sequim, Washington.  I spend several weeks every summer working for a lodge in King Salmon, Alaska and sought out this course to complete my fishing guide license.  I had attempted to study and do the Coast Guard application on my own, but found it very confusing and difficult to navigate.  I found Ronís website online which was extremely helpful and easy to navigate.  I then emailed and spoke with Ron multiple times leading up to the class and he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and made sure that all my questions were answered and I got what I was looking for.  Both Ron and Yvette were extremely welcoming and friendly.  The class size was kept small which allowed for Ron to dedicate individual time to everyone.  Ronís instructing was very detailed and thorough and he always made sure everybody understood before moving onto a new subject.  The classroom and location was great, thereís a lot of work space for each student and all materials were provided onsite.  I would highly recommend Ron and Yvette to anyone looking to get their Captains or Six Pack license.  The teaching was tremendous, they walk you through step by step of the application process and provided resources and contacts that you need to successfully complete the process.  I couldnít have asked for a better class and thank Ron and Yvette for all they did!"

~ Matt McAdam, Guide - Rainbow Bend Lodges - King Salmon, Alaska

american marine training centers


"You thought about it and you need to do it, but what seems to be life's demands or others needs seem to continually get in the way.  This is what has happened to me getting this review and recommendation finished in a timely manner, following completion of my class at American Marine Training Centers.  A year ago, I talked to several training centers regarding my OUPV (six-pack) license training.  I also talked to several individuals who were either taking classes or knew people taking classes at other marine training centers.  Based on the above research, then my personal experiences in the classes given by Ron and Yvette at the American Marine Training Centers, now based in Sequim, Washington, I assure you there is absolutely no better organization and people to provide the knowledge you need to pass your U.S. Coast Guard tests.  The facility and materials provided for your training are excellent.  These are supplemented by audio and visual presentations.  But the two most important items in your training are Ron and Yvette.  They are very much personally concerned in providing a quality experience that will make you qualified and comfortable in passing your U.S. Coast Guard tests.  Ron has both, a lifetime of personal and professional experience in the Marine arena.  He uses these to present real-life examples and experiences to help you assimilate the knowledge you need.  If you need some one on one assistance you will get it (he almost forces you to allow him to assist you)!  He is very perceptive at recognizing your hesitations.  It is my experience and belief that there is no better training organization in the western United States than American Marine Training Centers.  Get it done, call them now as I did.  American Marine Training Centers are your advocates for your OUPV (six-pack) license or Masters license."

~ Richard - a combat Veteran and a Veterans' advocate


"Earlier this year, I attended the coast guard course taught by Ronald Straub and his awesome wife Yvette.  The course was not only super informative and way more interesting than I expected, but beyond that I had a really good time with them learning the material.  The instructorís (Ron an Yvette) were amazing.  They got me through a huge amount of material and taught it in a way that it stuck and I was able to pass all of the tests I needed to get my certs.  They then went on to help me every step of the way until I had everything submitted in time to get my licenses.  I just canít say enough good about these people they are patient, helpful, great teachers and just plain good people.  I am glad to have met them and would not even think of using anyone else for this training.  If they can get me through it speaks volumes, after all I donít fish for a living because Iím a rocket scientist :)"

~ Travis De Boer, Owner - Guerilla Guide Service - Winchester, Idaho and Lead Steelhead Guide - Silver Bow Fly Shop - Spokane, Washington

american marine training centers


"I chose American Marine Training Centers for a few reasons:  It is local, close to home and work.  I didn't have the extra cost with staying in a motel.  I liked the time frame of the classes.  The classes were 8 hours a day for 10 days.  As a professional, I didn't want a class that took 3 months to complete.  There was a different company with classes a block from my work, but those classes were 3 months long (same 80 hours of class).  All the AMTC Instructors knew the subject matter; from chart plotting to lighting and First Aid.  I would recommend AMTC because the Instructors took the time to get to know everyone in the class and were able to help, where needed, to better assist each student.  All of the Instructors were great and made learning some of the mundane stuff, fun.  I met a lot of people from around the country that I will remain friends with."

~ Mark Millard - WDFW - Port Townsend, Washington


"I was interested in obtaining my six pack license and had spent several times trying to study on my own and found it overwhelming.  I found your web site and found it easy to navigate and the website was very helpful in answering many of my questions and the testimonials that were there talked about the exact class that I was looking for.  Chart plotting was very interesting and enjoyable.  I had never done this before and found the instructors to be very patient and knowledgeable.  I felt very comfortable to ask questions and received good instructions and helpful advice on all aspects.  Instruction was excellent.  From the very start Ron made me feel comfortable and eased my nerves.  Each days material was laid out in a manner that was easy to follow and very informative.  Yvette in the First Aid and CPR training was great.  She instructed in a way that was to the point and you could tell her heart was in it and she taught for effect that all would retain the training due to the importance of the class.  The facilities were everything the web site stated and more.  Clean, accommodating and spacious.  When they say ďDonít bring anything but the willingness to learnĒ they mean it!!  Great lay out donít change a thing!!  I would and will recommend AMTC.  It is very refreshing in this day and age to find advertising and the actual product to be exactly as offered.  Ron and Yvette have put a business together that is outstanding.  I would recommend AMTC to anyone that is interested in any training that AMTC offers.  Ron and Yvette are very knowledgeable and come with many years of experience in all aspects of their training.  They are personable and take pride in all that they offer.  Great course and would not hesitate to take training from them.  I would like to add that Ron and Yvette are very honest and open people that are there to help and will go above and beyond to make your training all that it can be.  Thank you for all that you do."

~ Alan Cummings, Owner - Grand View B&B - Wrangell, Alaska

american marine training centers


"I spent 28 years in the military, the instruction given in the Marine Training Center by Ron and Yvette demonstrated a high level of expertise in their fields.  Both initiated good conceptual ideas with practical application.  There was sufficient instruction, aids and aides to encourage broad development of the students.  The instruction displayed was presented logically, clearly and articulate.  The instruction was given in a relaxed atmosphere, very informative and designed to have a maximum pass ratio."

~ John F. Holan, CSM  E-9 USA, Retired


"As a former longtime training manager for a large municipal agency, I have very high expectations and standards for the quality of instruction I receive.  I was VERY happy with the instruction delivered in the AMTC Master course, as there was lots of time for discussion and hands-on exercises.  The training was specific to the tests, but there was a LOT of useful extra topic coverage as well.  I move vessels often with my City work boat, and I am expected to be prepared to provide assistance to boaters in rough S.F. Bay conditions at any time - this class was right on point to my needs.  I found the towing assistance endorsement to be a valuable addition to my basic Master course instruction.  The class was the last one at the AMTC Alameda, Ca. facility - but if the Washington training facilities are similar, then as a student you can expect great snacks, coffee, restrooms nearby, helpful videos and navigational charting gear all provided to enhance your experience.  A lifelong boater, I learned so much more than I had expected and will apply this knowledge immediately at work.  The instructors were friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable.  You will not be disappointed!"

~ Michael Hahn, Harbormaster - Brisbane Municipal Marina - Brisbane, California


"I chose AMTC because the program was in Washington and the class was held straight through rather than split up over a longer period of time.  What I liked about the class was the instructor, and the material was easy to understand and learn.  The instructor was knowledgeable and professional.  His experience as a marine police officer, and his training with the U.S. Coast Guard provided me with invaluable information.  He made the class interesting and fun.  The facilities were clean, comfortable, with a professional atmosphere.  I would and have recommended AMTC to people seeking to obtain their captains license because the location is convenient and the time it takes to complete the class decreases the time one will be away from work.  I would like to thank the instructor.  He was professional and he took a personal interest in his students.  He supported me in my efforts to obtain my license by being positive, informative, and humorous.  Thank you AMTC."

~ Nate Welch - Washington


"I must say that in the beginning I called AMTC for the simple reason, they were close to my home.   I missed that course.  After talking with Captain Ron several times I was able to get into their first course in Alameda, CA.  The facilities there were amazing.  Plenty of space for every student!  WOW, the experience was so informative and fun I didn't want the course to be over.  Captain Ron is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I signed up for the OUPV Course.  Captain Ron, not only showed me that I had the sea time for the larger license, but more inportantly, he made me believe I was very capable of completing and passing the exam for the 100 Ton Master.  Which I did.  The knowledge that I gained in their 80 hour course will last me a lifetime.  Yvette was our first aid instructor and she was an amazing instructor.  She was informative and experienced as well and made it fun.  I would recommend AMTC to anyone interested in furthering their education on the water."

~ Captains Stacey and Hayden Mullins - Dragon Sport Fishing - Knightsen, California


"Fun and engaging, with just the right pace, American Maine Training Centers was a perfect choice for attaining my 100-Ton Master Mariners license.  The facilities are new and clean with refreshments provided, and all of the paperwork most of us find daunting became a simple, un-intimidating process.  I highly recommend it, and look forward to going back for their other services!"

~ Casey Vernon Hurt - San Juan Classic Day Sailing - Friday Harbor, Washington


"AMTC was a recommendation by someone who previously took the course.  The instructor was very motivational and good at teaching the right requirements.  He also added some humor to the class to break up the stressful moments.  The facility was nice, it was air condition and just the right size.  It offered snacks if we needed them.  If you want the information to pass your class Ron and Yvette with AMTC will make it happen for you.  So if you want to obtain a Coast Guard Mariner license, I would definitely use AMTC."

~ Joseph Gallia - New Easy Rider Sportfishing - Berkeley, California


"I liked the personalized small class format of instruction that enabled free dialog between the students and instructors.  Also the compressed immersion style of instruction is very conducive to "getting it done".  The time I spent with AMTC, you and Ron is time I will always feel was very well spent.  Thanks for helping me to complete something that has been on my "bucket list" for a long time.  I would highly recommend AMTC to anyone wishing to secure a Coast Guard license for any reason, professional or personal."

~ James P. Howard, DVM


"I appreciated the condensed version in the ten-day format.  I definitely wanted to have an intensive format instead of giving up three nights / week for three months.  I also learn better in the condensed format.  I liked the classroom atmosphere, the diversity of the folks in my class, the sense of humor and down-to-earth approach of Ron, and especially the student to teacher ratio.  The instruction was informative, real-life scenario stories, and always I felt I could speak up if I needed a break.  The classroom set-up as well as the large screen power point format was an efficient way to cover a lot of material.  The facilities were top notch!  I liked the layout of the classroom, having my own charting / plotting drafting table, and the snacks and sodas were an added bonus.  I also appreciated the teamwork of Ron and Yvette as they both had a specific role in the center.  I would most definitely recommend AMTC!  I believe there is a need for a different format for folks like me in this community as well as the real-life stories that Ron brings to the classroom and each topic makes the learning very real and have more depth in the description of his experiences.  Ron and Yvette are folks I'd want to hang out with above and beyond the classroom situation!  They are friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating to their students.  Five stars!"

~ Sonia Frojen, Associate Program Manager - Northwest Maritime Center - Port Townsend, Washington


"What really hooked me on to American Marine TC was the fact that I could complete the OUPV class in one week's time.   I was planning on doing an online course but after speaking to Ron Straub about his class he quickly convinced me it was the most efficient and enjoyable way to get my license.  Having successfully completed the course I can tell you, Ron was right.  I liked that we jumped right into plotting within the first two hours of beginning the class.  In a very relaxed atmosphere Ron and his assistant worked with us patiently and deliberately to relearn the skill set of plotting a course and gaining further insight into the intricacies of charts.  The classroom we worked in was truly state of the art.  A huge navigation table with all of your plotting instruments provided for you.  When Ron tells you that all you need to bring to his class is a willingness to learn he's not kidding.  He even gives you an insulated coffee mug to keep!  Ron's American Marine Training Center is a terrific way to get your captain's license (OUPV) and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to do so.  In fact I already have to two of my neighbors and a friend I work with.  Thank you very much Ron and Yvette for such an enjoyable experience."

~ Robert Kellett - Shoreline, Washington


"The location and the price were perfect.   The schedule working with the boat school made it possible.   I really liked the way the instructor presented the material.  He kept my attention and made everything interesting and relevant.  The real world examples and the videos were great too.  There was no b.s. and no pretensions - I felt like I was learning what I needed to learn, not mindlessly going over superfluous/irrelevant information.  The instruction was very good.  Accessible, personable, laid back, and fun.  The facilities are comfortable, with great materials and amenities, very organized.  Yes, I would recommend AMTC.  AMTC is a value-priced, no nonsense, professional school taught by seasoned mariners who are also skilled instructors.  AMTC will help you get your license, and you'll have fun doing it.  Thanks again, I really enjoyed the class."

~ J.L.


"Ron made a great first impression when I met him at the Sacramento Sportsmens Show.  The chart plotting part was the best part of the course.  Ron did a great job at slowing down and helping us all understand the material.  I liked the pace and ease of the class setting.  The facilities were great!  I would highly recommend AMTC to anyone, Ron is a great instructor!  Ron did whatever he could to help us."

~ Kelly H. Crump, Owner - Waters Edge Lodge - Elfin Cove, Alaska


"American Marine Training Centers classes were the only classes offered that were short enough to fit into my busy schedule.  I didn't have time to take a 6-week class with a family and a full time job.  My perception about working with AMTC class was my worry that the instructor was going to be a "dry" teacher who drones on and on while reading out of a book.  This makes it extremely hard to stay focused on the material and comprehending it.  Ron, my instructor, took a very hands-on approach and was able to engage his students in a way that kept them interested and learning.  I really appreciated that he was able to handle students at different levels of experience while keeping everyone challenged and not leaving anyone behind.  I did not expect the training to work as well as it did.  I was worried about how Ron was going to run his class and the quality of teaching.  His company was not as well known in Washington State as some of the other schools.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised after I expected the worst.  After completing this class I have had a whole new door open which is full of opportunities to work on the water.  I can now run charter boats, do vessel deliveries, and even provide one-on-one training for new boat owners.  I would, without hesitation, recommend this school to anyone wanting to obtain their Captain's License."

~ Josh Buckingham - Neah Bay, Washington


"I talked to lots of people about the class and your company was highly recommended.  I was open-minded and from what I had heard was looking forward to the class.  It was way better than I had even heard.  Ron, the instructor, was great and took the time to make sure all material was being understood and retained.  What I liked most about the class was the attention-to-detail, the way the class was made fun, and the way Ron walked us through the process, always making sure we were understanding the process and procedures.  It was a lot easier than I thought it might be, Ron is a great teacher, and takes the time to make sure you understand and get the most out of class. After talking with many people, I was sure I was making the right choice.  Since obtaining my license, my life has changed ten-fold.  I am pursuing a dream I have thought about my whole life, to be guiding in Alaska.  I just wish I would have known about the services he provided earlier.  Ron's class was the gateway to a life I had dreamed about for many years.  I would highly recommend American Marine, Ron Straub, to anyone who wants to be educated and licensed in this type of work.  Ron does not miss a step and is always there, before and after the process to help you make the jump into your new adventures.  When you walk out of his class you are reminded by Ron the door is always open.  I made a good friend along the way.  Thanks Ron.  Ron has a way of making a sometimes complicated and confusing assignment easy to understand and is very patient.  I now have my dream job and am off on an adventure of a lifetime.  Thanks again, Ron Straub and American Marine."

~ Blain M. Brown - Butte, Montana


"American Marine Training Centers have great professionally presented courses, excellent to the point instruction, and all at a reasonable price!!  I highly recommend American Marine Training Centers for all your Captain's License needs."

~ Richard Bodlaender - Kirkland, Washington


"I chose AMTC because I felt the format of 7 days of classes would provide continuity of the material I needed to learn to pass the tests.  I had put off going through any of the training for two years after I had reviewed the information sent to me by the Coast Guard.  I was overwhelmed by the requirements and worried I would struggle to get through the process.  Now that I have completed the process using AMTC, I wish I had done it sooner.  Even though the material was overwhelming at times, the manner it was presented made it understandable and less stressful.  The thing I liked most was how Ron conducted the training.  He made everyone in the class feel comfortable with asking questions and made sure we understood the material he was covering before we moved on.  He was very organized.  I must admit my expectations for this class were high.  Not only had it cost a considerable amount, my future as a fishing guide depended on my ability to complete the entire process.  I was not disappointed.  Prior to taking the class I worried about how I would ever be able to learn and retain the information I would need to know to pass the tests.  It became apparent after the first day of class, that the order of the presentations, the homework etc. were well thought out and organized.  I gained the confidence I needed to get through.  Since completing the class, my credibility with other guides and customers has increased substantially.  My income has more than doubled from my guide business in the last four months and I believe it will continue to grow in the years to come.  I have already recommended AMTC to others.  I tell them it's worth the time and the money.  The instruction is well thought out, organized and easy to understand.  The instructor and assistants are professionals and bring real life experience to the class to keep the students engaged and on course."

~ John Bullock - John Bullock's Guide Service - Napa, California


"I think the biggest reason I chose American Marine Training Centers is because of Ron's willingness to be available and fit this class into my busy schedule.  I heard going into this class that it was very difficult.  Ron did a great job explaining the material well enough that everyone could understand it.  I still think the class is difficult, so I think having a great instructor is the most import thing.  Ron is what I liked most about working with AMTC!  I learned a lot from him.  I also like that he is not a robot when he teaches, he is also makes sure that everyone fully understands before he moves onto the next topic.  I wouldn't say I expected it would work this well but it has and even exceeded my expectations.  I'm active duty Navy operating/driving boats about 300 days a year.  This class has made me so much more confident when operating.  I thought I knew the Rules of the Road, but after this class I can confidently say that I truly know the Rules of the Road!  I would say that your service was straight forward, accommodating, and very beneficial.  I really enjoyed all the class material and binders.  I still use that material today!"

~ Andrew Arant - U.S. Navy - San Diego, California


"I knew Ron from previous law enforcement specific classes.  I liked his teaching style, his knowledge of the material, and his professionalism.  There were no preconceived issues from my perspective.  I knew I would get the best training the region had to offer.  The best feature of the course was that all students had the same materials and tools.  There was no downtime while individuals were figuring out their individual pieces of equipment.  Since I discussed the content of the course with Ron numerous times before the start date, I knew what to expect.  I had no hesitations and knew the course would be excellent.  The course work continues to make me a better/safer boater and law enforcement marine officer.  I highly recommend American Marine and think very highly of Ron.  I believe the common sense approach that Ron provided and his willingness to assist students after the course is complete sets American Marine apart from other training facilities.  Ron took the time, two months after the course was completed, to sit down with me and page by page go over my Coast Guard license application to ensure I had completed the paperwork properly."

~ Lt. Les Lovell(retired) - El Dorado County Sheriff's Office - California


"I am a fishing guide on the California Delta.  The Delta is navigable waterway.  So, if you carry passengers for hire, you must have a Coast Guard License.  I accidentally let my previous OUPV license expire (not a very comfortable feeling).  I scrambled through boating, fishing and yachting magazines looking for the closest training center, to get a new one.  I figured that I may have to head down to San Diego, or up to the Oregon/ Washington area to get my new license.  I ended up bumping into Ron Straub of the American Marine Training Center, on the Internet.  I could not believe it when Ron said that his classroom is on Bethel Island, in California!!  Due to the location of AMTC, I figured that I was 20% finished with this project, now I just have to pass this damn test.  Ron convinced me to upgrade my OUPV license, and try for the Master 100 ton license.  Why not?  I have to do this anyway, so why not acquire a license that could potentially open a few more doors for me.  Ron breaks things down in a way that you can understand, and not feel overwhelmed.  Nobody has the time, or money, to do these courses twice, so let's get it right the first time.  Ron cuts to the chase with all of the information that is available.  He will focus on key sections of literature, to make sure you understand the concepts and situations being discussed.  Sign up at the nearest AMTC near you.  Learn "Rules of the Road", before you ever show up on the 1st day of class.  Keep your nose to the grindstone for 10 days, and you will leave this course with your Coast Guard License."

~ Bobby Barrack, Owner - Back to Class Guide Service - Oakley, California


"As an aspiring captain, I had the opportunity to take the OUPV course with American Marine Training Centers with Captain Ron Straub at the Bethel Island classroom in March, 2013.  I was pleasantly surprised and challenged by the tasks involved in the course, but Captain Ron was able to structure the information in a manner that educators refer to as 'scaffolding'.  I have worked in the public schools for over 30 years in a variety of positions from teacher to principal, and I currently teach 6th grade in the Lodi Unified School District.  Straub was able to take the most complex task and break it down so students who haven't been in the classroom for years were able to understand.  In addition to his vast knowledge of marine applications and situations, Straub is an outstanding instructor able to make the complex seem simple.  The course is limited to less than 10 students, allowing for one-on-one instruction when needed.  The course started with charting, the most complex task involved throughout the week, and the 'hands-on' training was the best way to become fully involved in the class.  After mastering charting, we moved on to a variety of tasks with Straub using a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the specific members of the class.  In addition to the comprehensible instruction, Straub provided all information and materials to make the process of applying for the Coast Guard License as seamless as possible.  All forms were explained, and Straub presented all information in an organized binder.  I highly recommend the OUPV or the Master's Coast Guard Course from American Marine Training Centers for all aspiring captains."

~ Dave Hurley - USA Fishing


"I am a full time fishing guide in Northern California, and I log over 250 days a year on the water.  I recently completed my Masters license, with hesitation at the beginning, but with Captain Ron's teaching ability, he made me feel like I could succeed, and I did.  I chose American Marine Training Centers because I was referred by a friend who previously completed this course.  Going into the course, I was nervous about learning so much information in a short amount of time, but, let me tell you, if you study and apply yourself in class, everything will make sense.  The thing I liked most about the course was the way it was taught.  Some people learn by seeing, some people learn by doing, etc., Ron goes over everything, and makes sure you truly understand it.  The three biggest benefits of working with American Marine Training Centers are; the ability to teach in a way people understand, help with the application process, and a clean, professional learning environment.  Captain Ron is nothing short of a standup guy; I went into the classroom as a student, and left as a friend.  I would recommend this class to anyone that is trying to obtain a captain's license, they won't regret it!"

~ Scott Feist, Owner - Feisty Fish Guide Service - Yuba City, California


"The Instructor seems extremely knowledgeable and positive.  That and the fact that he was local was the main reason I chose American Marine Training Centers.  I thought the course was going to be extremely difficult, but with Ron Straub as the instructor, he worked diligently to insure we understood all aspects of becoming a licensed Captain / Master of 100 T or less vessels from rules of the road, navigation, and all other aspects of becoming a licensed Captain.  I like the attention provided to each student and the step by step support I got in filling out the Coast Guard / Homeland Security questionnaire and documentation of sea time.  That one-on-one assistance made the difference in receiving my Master’s License back in about 30 days which allowed me to start work immediately in my Fishing Guide Business in using my power boat."

~ Ricardo Torres - Auburn, California


"The school being geographically close to home was the primary reason since I had no other knowledge about the school before attending.  My preconception was that there would be 80 hours of instruction followed by a final exam, and that the method of study and taking notes would be in a “traditional” or college style format.  The class was taught in modules and the class size was small enough that every student could get all the personalized instruction they needed to fully understand the materials and succeed.  The format was entertaining and kept everyone’s interest.  Students were encouraged to discuss the exercises and assist each other in becoming competent in such things as navigation.  The things I liked the most were the teaching style and assistance with making sure all items required by the Coast Guard were submitted correctly so there would be no delays in receiving one’s license.  I was pleasantly surprised that the format made the class more interesting than I expected.  (Before deciding to attend AMTC) “I had no objections/hesitations.”  (Biggest benefits of working with AMTC) “(1) Personalized instruction (2) Modular teaching style (3) Was able to add to my income by becoming a towboat captain working for Vessel Assist/Boat U.S.  I would recommend American Marine Training Centers to anyone wanting to obtain their Captain’s License in the most efficient, professional way possible.  You will learn a lot of useful information beyond just that required to pass the licensing tests and have a good time doing it."

~ Kurt Pressler - Bethel Island, California


"I was looking for the most professional mariner training center available in California.  American Marine Training Center fulfilled all of my expectations and was set in an environment that promoted learning.  Not being a youngster anymore, I was a bit intimidated by going back to school.  Ron Straub was able to convey the information in a way that I was able to learn it relatively easily.  I really enjoyed the way the information was presented and was truly surprised that I was able to comprehend and retain the large amount of information needed to complete the near coastal masters course.  I looked into a few other training centers and most are taught in someone’s home, not a real professional training center like American Marine.  With my near coastal master license I am able to do many things that were out of reach before I completed the course and was approved by the USCG.  I have referred all of my friends and colleagues that are interested in attaining their masters licenses to American Marine Training Center, because they were truly professional and gave me all the tools that were necessary to attain this goal.  Thanks again and see you on the water."

~ Anthony Thie - Alamo, California - 10 years as Commercial Fisherman and San Francisco Charter Boat Captain starting in spring 2013.


"I liked the location of the classroom and the fact that the course ran on consecutive days.  The pricing was competitive and when I called for information, they were helpful and gave specific answers to my questions. I also like the fact that the classes were kept somewhat small.  My perceptions were that I might be attending class with some students that did not have as much sea time as they should have and/or some old codgers that thought that they had seen it all in their 18 foot fishing boat.  That perception has changed a bit because some of the students were law enforcement personnel, taking the class for work.  I really liked Ron's realistic approach to the class and real life scenarios.  I liked that he was flexible and presented the material in a common sense style.  I had no idea that it would work out as well as it did, since I am usually not a real great student."  (Did you have any objections/hesitations before deciding to attend the class?)  "I had no hesitations at all."  (Three biggest benefits of working with us?)  "1. Realist, Realistic testing, 2. Opened doors for additional income, 3. Opportunity for me to work for myself.  Ron takes a personal interest in his students.  Great class - made it seem easy for the average guy!"

~ John McNamara - San Francisco, California


"American Marine Training Centers has the most convenient schedule and location to get a Captain's license in the bay/delta area. In addition AMTC's professional education classroom and experienced instructors made me feel I was getting the highest quality instruction for attaining my Captain's license. Having never taking an advanced course in boating, I was a little intimidated by some of the advance skills that would be expected of myself and if I could keep up with the class. However, by lunchtime the first day I was confident that the instructors were going to walk me through what I need to know. Since completing the master's 100-ton class, I would not hesitate and be confident in enrolling in any classes offers by American Marine Training Centers. I enjoyed the balance of structure and flexibility offered by America Marine Training Centers from determining what time to take lunch, and being able to add sailing/towing classes, but also getting the classes completed within the Coast Guard mandated two weeks and no longer. Getting my Captain's license from American Marine Training Centers was far less stressful then I had expected. Instructor Straub exceeded by expectations from the quick response for information about his class to spending his lunch with me after the class was completed to assisting me with sending my paperwork to the Coast Guard. Three big things about AMTC are the professionalism, location and the passion for boating that the instructors shared with the class. I plan to send my two deckhands to your classes in the spring. I told them if they wanted to enjoy getting their captain's license and learn a few cool tricks about boating AMTC was the school to take. I was also happy with your ability to pay by credit card. I enjoyed the experience, had fun, and actually learned a thing or two."

~ Andrew Lubrano, President of Nor - Cal Charters, LLC - South Lake Tahoe, California


"The reason I chose American Marine Training Centers was because of the condensed time it allowed me to complete the course.  With my work schedule I am not always able to have certain days off in the week.  Whereas this course allowed me to finish within 2 weeks, start to finish.  I had completed looking at all my different options in completing the Captain's course and I had a general knowledge of what this class entailed and it exceeded my expectations.  Ron, my instructor, taught the concepts and then made sure the class had an understanding by the questions he proposed to us after.  I learn well in an environment that allows me time to soak in what has been taught.  I got that in this classroom environment.  My expectations of the course from others, who have taken the same course from other facilities, was one of dread.  The understanding I had was that it was too hard to conceive all the information given, to be able to pass the tests at the end.  The way AMTC does it was the best for me, so I did not find that to be true.  Ron taught a concept, then we tested on it.  Being a woman in a male dominate environment can be intimidating, but not so at AMTC.  I felt the learning environment was exceptional for every student, even though I was the only woman there.  The classroom arrangement is conducive to learning.  There is adequate space for every student.  When you have to learn the charting techniques, all equipment is provided literally at your fingertips.  Ron was watching and was there immediately available if any assistance was needed for all of us in the class.  Charting turned out to be fun and not the problem, like I had heard from others, who had taken the course from other facilities.  I have and will keep on recommending AMTC to others.  Ron is an incredible resource and instructor for ANYONE interested in receiving their Captain's license."

~ Debra B. Keller, Flight Attendant, 100 - Ton Captain for Alaskan Modoc Adventures - Gig Harbor, Washington


"I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had while attending your 100 Ton Masters course this past February.  As a result of completing your course and utilizing the application manual, I have completed and submitted all of the documents and I'm awaiting the Coast Guard's decision regarding my license.I have been a boater for over 20 years, I had a marine service business for over 6 years and worked in the industry for over 13 years, and while I thought, I knew my stuff your course filled all the blank spots and elaborated in ways that I could not have imagined -- Thank you.  I really appreciated the quality of the course materials, the individual instruction and overall professionalism.  I've wanted to get my license for about 12 years, I looked at a number of the programs offered by your competitors, and I even considered a home study course.  Their offerings did not compare and while other courses offered great marketing, they lacked a real classroom in my area or dedication to my personal success.  I'm looking forward to purchasing a number of the books on your recommended reading lists and continuing my education as a professional mariner.  Thank you again for your time and consideration."

~ Jah W. Mackey - Oceanus Marine Group, Inc.


""I found American Marine Training Centers online.  I spoke to Ron and liked the fact he spent a bit of time with me explaining how it all worked.  I also liked the fact that he had a sailing background.  I had no preconceived notions about attending professional maritime classes, really.  My concern was more with myself and whether I needed to do a lot of studying before the class to pass the various exams.  I didn't have to do that much - all material was provided there.  What I liked most about working with AMTC was a lot of one-on-one when needed.  The facilities were great.  I liked staying at Bethel Island.  Not too pricey at all.  I was able to stay at the SJYC on my boat - that was a treat.  It all went very smoothly.  I was a bit beat by the end, but blame that on some late evenings with one of my classmates.  I am hoping to use my license for small charters when I receive my license.  I don't have anything to compare the service at AMTC with, but given what I've heard this would be hard to beat.  Small classes, a lot of personal attention, you do everything there -- tests, etc.  I also like that it was away from home - I didn't have the distractions of the kids and friends - so I recommend that a person stay there.  I really rate Ron as a guy and as a teacher.  I think his practical experience coupled with understanding all the rules and theory really helped.  No hesitation recommending the class and Ron to others."

~ Ben Barnes - Tiburon, California


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